Rust for C++ Programmers

Added by Kretz, Matthias about 9 years ago

Next Wednesday (April, 29th) we'll have our next C++ user group meeting. (15:00 in 0|200 at FIAS)

Vinzent Steinberg has prepared a talk on “Rust for C++ Programmers”:

C++ has a lot of problems that cannot be fixed, because backwards
compatibility has to be maintained. Rust is an emerging programming
language trying to learn from the past and provide a modern alternative.
By making ownership of data explicit, it can guarantee memory safety and
the absence of data races, while offering a level of control over
performance similar to C++.

A brief introduction to Rust as a language will be given in the talk. We
will see how Rust's ownership model guarantees memory safety.

Following the talk we will have time for open discussion on C++ topics. So, if you have a C++ programming question, bring it along!