Exception Safe Coding

Added by Kretz, Matthias over 8 years ago

Tomorrow (June, 17th) we'll have our next C++ user group meeting. (15:00 in 0|200 at FIAS)

Dirk Hutter has prepared a talk on “Exception Safe Coding”:

Exceptions provide a sophisticated way to deal with error conditions in C++. They feature
many advantages compared to other error reporting mechanisms such as return codes.
However, safe usage of exceptions is a non-trivial problem.

The talk will give an general overview on how to use exceptions and give guidelines and
present best practices for creating exception safe code.

Following the talk we will have time for open discussion on C++ topics. So, if you have a C++ programming question, bring it along!

PS: Since the JP Morgan Chase takes places tomorrow afternoon/evening some of you might have to miss the meeting. Let me know if this is the case. I would announce a reschedule of the meeting tomorrow morning, if many interested people would be affected.