Introductory course to the C++ programming language

Added by Pinke, Christopher over 8 years ago

Dear colleagues,

our regular C++-User-Group meeting would take place on wednesday of next week, september 30th.
As no one approached me or Vinzent in order to prepare a talk, I would suggest that we cancel this meeting.
As an alternative, I would like to point your attention to the C++-course of Jonas Glesaaen, who already gave a lot of interesting talks for the user group.
I am sure that, although it is entitled "introduction", there is a lot in it even for more advanced programmers.
Please read his announcement for more information:

Dear all,

In week 40 I will give an intensive course in the C++ programming language.

Time: Monday 28/09 to Friday 02/10, from 9:00 to 16:00
Location: Room 01.120, the computer room

The course will be divided into first a 3 hour lecture followed by a
practical segment after lunch.

We will cover most of the individual components of the C++ programming

   - Tools and compilers
   - Data types, pointers and references
   - C++ memory management
   - Control structures and functions
   - Exception handling
   - Classes, inheritance and polymorphism
   - Short overview of Templates and the Standard Template Library

It is intended for the students aspiring to taking the High Performance
Computing class offered at FIAS. However, anyone interested in learning
about the C++ programming language is welcome to join.

The course's content will be tailored to the students attending, meaning
that all content might not be covered in the end if it proved too difficult.

A sign up is available at the course's homepage to gauge interest and map
out the experience level.

More information on the course's homepage
<>, or on the QIS page
Best regards,

Jonas Rylund Glesaaen

Regarding the next meeting at the end of October: Please feel free to contact me or Vinzent () if you would like to do a talk or have a topic that you would like to have covered.
If you need some inspiration, a list of interesting topics can be found at .

Of course, everyone that uses C++ for his programming work (or otherwise interested) is invited to join us in learning more about the language.