Thinking with templates

Added by Pinke, Christopher over 8 years ago

Dear colleagues,

this wednesday, january 27th, we will have our next C++ user group meeting.
It will take place at

12.00h in room 0.101 at FIAS.

Please not the different time.

Jonas Glesaaen will give his talk:
Thinking with templates

The template system in C++ is a convenient tool to overcome unnecessary
code bloat. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg of the potential
in efficiency, readability and problem solving it can bring to the table.
With the help of C++ compilers’ ability to do advanced pattern matching,
programming with templates might prove to be the best approach to
abstraction a practitioner needs to heighten their skills.

In this talk we will first give an overview of the power of the C++ typing
system. We will then look at how one can use templates to transcend types
and start writing “expressions” instead of code. Here we will also study
how the new additions to C++11 and C++14 makes writing generic code easier
for everyone. Finally we will see how all of this allows us to solve
problems and implement algorithms in a readable and reusable way.

Also, we will have time for open discussions on C++ topics after the talk.
if you have a C++ programming question, bring it along!

The following meeting will take place at the end of january.
If any of you would like to give a talk, do not hesitate to contact me or Vinzent.