Smart Pointers in C++

Added by Kretz, Matthias over 5 years ago

Next Wednesday (September, 24th) we'll have our next C++ user group meeting. (15:00 in 0|200 at FIAS)

Jonas Glesaaen has prepared a talk on “Smart Pointers in C++”:

Avoiding memory leaks and writing exception safe programs is important if one wants to save oneself from hours of debugging. Albeit writing "good programs" with "dumb pointers" is possible, it is tedious and error prone. One can remedy most of these issues by using resource managing objects such as smart pointers.

In this presentation we will look at the smart pointers introduced in C++11 and discuss use guidelines and pitfalls.

As always, we will have room for discussion. So bring your C++ issues, especially if they are memory management related!