This area is meant for submission and processing of applications for open positions at FIAS, such as scientific and administrative jobs, as well as scholarships. Applications can be submitted through the

page, which allows to submit an application in a secure way (with full end-to-end encryption of content).

Please never submit applications by e-mail.

Note to applicants: While minimum requirements of your application depend on the advertised requirements for the position specific to its project or purpose, it is safe to assume that a clear description of the target and purpose of your application, an up-to-date and complete CV, and one or more references by external assessors or referees should be included.
You will receive updates on the status of your application by e-mail. Those updates may also include helpful comments (e.g. on missing information you may have to provide). At any stage of this process, you may get back to your application by following the issue link given in each e-mail message, or by jumping to the Issues page directly. If you choose to step back from your application, please just edit your issue and change the status to Withdrawn. Alternatively, to add a comment, either use the same editing interface (secure), or reply to any of the notification messages (less secure).

Note to organizers/supporters/reviewers at FIAS: Please read further instructions here .