C++ is a powerful language. While first results are easy enough, mastering the more advanced aspects of the language requires constant learning. We therefore want to meet regularly to learn from each other's experience with C++.


We will meet on every last Wednesday in a month 15:00 - 16:00 in room 0|200 at FIAS. Talks are prepared by participants. Topics and speakers will be suggested / volunteered here or in the meetings. We can use the issue tracker for general organization:

After the talks we have enough time to talk about any C++ issues participants bring along.


Anything related to C++ is obviously on topic. But also tools supporting C++ development make for interesting topics.

For general discussion you can also use the Forum.

Openness of the Group

This is an open "project". Anything posted on the Forums or the Issue tracker is readable to the rest of the world. Please consider this before posting any potentially private information.

Our group started (and takes place) at FIAS. But any C++ users outside of FIAS that want to learn (and share) more about C++ are also invited to join us.

Get an Account

If you want to have an account for the pages here, talk to us in one of the user group meetings.

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