Essentials for new FIAS members

Arriving in Germany

This list was made for incoming Master students, yet it also contains some general first steps to take when you come to Germany: To-Do-Liste-Imma-Studienbeginn-MA_englisch-WiSe-2015.pdf.
Both FIAS students and postdocs are affiliated with the university. Find contact points at the university for various situations here: Flyer_Anlaufstellen_ENG.pdf.
This flyer contains information about insurances and the health system: Flyer_Versicherungen_ENG.pdf.

Getting started in Frankfurt

You can try find a flat with e.g. immoscout or wg-gesucht. As a very rough rule of thumb, Bockenheim, Bornheim and Sachsenhausen are nice to live in. For getting to FIAS, it is useful to live somewhere close to the subway lines U3/U8/U9.
Find general information about finding flats here: Flyer_Wohnen_ENG.pdf.
The subway and tram network can be found here. A complete map including busses here
Have a map of our campus!


Being a Student or PostDoc

General Information for Students and Postdocs

The GRADE offers support at all levels for PhD students and postdocs. Most importantly, they offer high-quality softskill courses aimed at researchers (how to write a paper, present a poster, apply for grants, etc.). Registration is highly recommended.
Formalities: The PhD students of the Max Planck Society put together a really nice information desk on stipends, contracts, insurances, visas, etc. that mostly also applies to FIAS. Have a look!
Your rights: The EU published a charter for researchers.
Please also have a look at the information_for_international_students_16_12_2015.pdf

Support for international students from the Goethe University

The Goethe University has a Goethe Welcome Center (GWC) for international researchers and PhD students. They help with formalities, organise excursions, and offer consultation hours.
The Internationaler Studententreff (IST) offers similar things for students in general.

For PhD Students

Enrolling as a PhD student in Frankfurt usually feels like this. This preliminary site on the enrollment process will hopefully help you with this problem.
Money, money, money! The DFG published a guideline on how much PhD students should be payed depending on their field.
Finally some practical tips: The modest advice for graduate students.


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