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09:16 C++ User Group Talk #1510: Test-driven development and continuous integration
The talk could also address best practises considering project managament and issue tracking software like "Redmine":... Köppel, Sven
09:14 C++ User Group Talk #1510 (New): Test-driven development and continuous integration
This is a somewhat general topic of the _software engineering_ subject in applied computer science where we could hav... Köppel, Sven


11:19 C++ User Group Talk #1501 (New): Fun with weird C++
This is maybe something more for some ceremony like the last event before christmas.
Stackoverflow has collected s...
Köppel, Sven
11:03 C++ User Group Talk #1500 (New): Cling, Interactive C++ and C++11
This talk could highlight one feature of the ROOT software compilation, the interactive compiler which has been rewri... Köppel, Sven
10:59 C++ User Group Talk #1499 (New): Aspect-oriented programming in C++
Aspect oriented programming (AOP) is another programming paradigm (c.f. functional programming #1203) that helps with... Köppel, Sven
10:52 C++ User Group Talk #1498 (New): SWIG
"SWIG": is a popular library to build generic interfaces to other programming languages (e.g. scr... Köppel, Sven
10:47 C++ User Group Talk #1497 (New): Symbolic programming and C++
Scientific computing is frequently in the midway between algebraic (i.e. symbolic) and numerical computation. A typic... Köppel, Sven
10:30 C++ User Group Talk #1496 (New): Cython and friends: Premature Optimization
Scientific python is very prominent (also in ITP and FIAS). We can blame "Cython": as one reason fo... Köppel, Sven

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