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    • Access
      This area is meant for application for and review/preparation/processing of access requests related to FIAS, which may be generated
    • Application

      This area is meant for submission and processing of applications for open positions at FIAS, such as scientific and administrative jobs, as well as scholarships. Applications can be submitted through the

    • Caretaker

      This area is meant for the submission of general requests, suggestions, and problem reports, as well as a source of general information related to the buildings of FIAS and HICforFAIR....

    • IT & Multimedia

      IT and multimedia services of FIAS

    • Office

      This area provides a collection of administrative resources and contacts for members and partners of FIAS, including administrative services and application forms.

      • [[Contracts]] (preparation and extension) * [[Travelling]] (application and reimbursement)...
  • Conferences

    This area provides special resources related to conferences, either for internal use or for external contributions and applications.

  • Research Groups

    This dedicated area holds one sub-project for each individual research group at FIAS. It is meant as a general-purpose collaboration platform within each group, not necessarily (but still possibly) related to an official research project. In other words, the group's activity may be reflected here and/or in a dedicated project....

    • LIF-SORN

      Leaky Integrate-And-Fire SORN and derivatives work

  • Research Projects

    This area lists research projects that exceed the scope of individual research groups at FIAS.

    Individual research projects are only visible to the corresponding project members and collaborators.

    • C++ User Group

      C++ is a powerful language. While first results are easy enough, mastering the more advanced aspects of the language requires constant learning. We therefore want to meet regularly to learn from each other's experience with C++.


      We will meet on every last Wednesday in a month 15:00 - 16:00 in room 0|200 at FIAS. Talks are prepared by participants. Topics and speakers will be suggested / volunteered here or in the meetings. We can use the issue tracker for general organization:...

    • FIAS Geoscience Seminar series

      This is the FIAS Geoscience Seminar series, a biweekly seminar series exclusively held online via Zoom.

      In order to apply for membership in this project, please open a new issue, which in turn requires you to be logged in, so you have to have an account on this platform, or register in order to create one....

  • Student Offers

    The following offers are currently available:

    • The project:playground provides an open platform for information exchange, mutual help, and socializing among students....

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